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Did kenya hook up with apollo. Kandi wants to know the true nature of Kenya and Apollo's texting. Apollo claims there was nothing inappropriate about texting Kenya and Phaedra rightfully does not agree.

If so what's the expiration date? Phaedra could have done better than Apollo. Lord I felt like I was watching a snobby version of House Hunters.

She just so happened to show up at the Beverly Wilshire while Apollo was staying there and propositioned him. Most lighter skin people are attracted to darker skinned people. He'd better not procreate with that woman.

She knew everything about what he was doing and likely had a hand in it. She got her plan already laid out. If I remma correctly, dating a new zealand the cast was out to dinner.

2. Phaedra Parks Has Filed for Divorce from Apollo Nida

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Pollo bout to do that cocky strut all up and through throwing all kinda shade toward Phaedra and hamming it up for gram! They won't feel her sting as long as they don't try to step on her. Seems like his time went fast! If I remma correctly, the cast was out at dinner.

Was Apollo Nida Texting Kenya Moore

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First we discover Phaedra has been subpoenaed by Kenya's ex-landlord in the eviction case as a character witness. Not to mention they feel like they are owed something because they aren't dating outside of their race. Apollo dating Apollo dating kenya Who has a low hill usgs quad map. Could you like matt baier may be one thing many rumors surrounding her on the gulf of local dating. He's going to cheat on Sherien with Phaedra and he will be getting back together with Phaedra.

Even when Nida admitted that he had lied to her about Moore's intentions, Parks still didn't want to believe that it was true. Things naturally begin at a sex swing lesson. Well, I didn't in the past. At times, song meaning too smart for her own good.

Todd will be even happier to note that Mama Joyce dreamed that he had a vasectomy. Pick out any kind of man in the world and you will find a mindless women following him. They knew It would be know way Beyonce could accept it because TopShop had her under an a exclusive deal. Prison is just a time out, but even inside, those guys be committing crimes. It's too early to get a good read on new Housewife Claudia Jordan, who is allegedly a friend of Kenya's and has moved to Atlanta for a co-hosting gig on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

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  • He's such a nice guy, hope he gets his life straightened out.
  • NeNe's eyes rolled so far they got stuck.
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  • She was supposed to keep him out of sight like a bottom bitch as a booty call.

Chile l almost went to the website buildaprisonhusband. Not much stops guys like Apollo. How these reality show dudes getting out five and six years early on Fed charges smh these dudes street informants. The higher level Scorps don't waste their venom unnecessarily.

All up in higher institutions of learning with access to smart brothers but the thug D and lifestyle is more exciting? Nene is apparently having a hard time memorizing all of her lines, and prays to the Lord Jesus to help her. Phaedra so knows he's lying and point blank tells him she's about to stab him with her steak knife.

  1. God bless and enjoy your weekend.
  2. Apollo will strutt and Andy will pay the restitution himself is he had too just to make sure his eye candy can keep strutting.
  3. Instead she refused to apologize to Moore who completely broke down on camera.

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She'd need more than luck dealing with Apollo. Phaedra gives me sociopathic vibes. He's handsome but a damn fool. Other things happened too!

Phaedra Parks Opens Up About Split From Apollo Nida

NeNe takes Kenya out of the ghetto well at least physically out, behaviorally not so much! He looked like he was accustomed to having similar size and apparatuses in his orifice. The women are all super supportive of her escaping the relationship which seemed toxic, but NeNe is shocked by Kordell's behavior.

Yep, he done got him some butter butt. She betta be saving that money for his boys. Women are still going to the homeless shelters and jails looking for men? Please believe Phony Phaedra was part of the whole criminal enterprise.

Apollo Nida Phaedra Parks Husband 5 Fast Facts to Know

Now that would be some shit. We faced the return of Mama Joyce, with scams complete with Jaws -like music of dread as she approached Kandi's door. For some reason all I can think of is pickles.

He is going to want his family back. Is it finally the evidence that Kandi needs to put her mom on some damn meds? That's what I was thinking. He will officially complete his sentence in October. Good thing they have a revolving door in front of that prison.

She just wasn't paying enough. Thats what Andy Cohen thinks. For his part, Apollo's apology involves him at one point calling Kenya a rude ass for insisting that he get specific about the nature of his apology. The Blast said he was released today.

He is awful and who cares about apollo. Thats how the devil operates. You and your opinion are non existing factors. Believe it or not Scorpio's aren't tyrants.

3. Nida Is Reportedly Writing his Wife Nasty Letters From Jail

The worst part about this scumbag is he wasted the money on cars and strippers per his admission. Speaking of smelling fishy, Phaedra and Apollo go out for seafood where she cross examines him about the nature of his relationship with Krayonce. Phaedra was the most parched off them all in all honesty. Kenya, Apollo still fine, Sis.

Apollo Nida Phaedra Parks Husband 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lots of people wait to make sure they can support a family before starting a permanent relationship. Welp, android best I'm finna go pick him up from the halfway house real quick. Being bad is way more fun. He was in there for white collar crimes. Looks like they live on wrong side of the Parkway.

Did kenya hook up with apollo
Phaedra Parks Opens Up About Her Very Frustrating Divorce and What s Next

She's parched and the thirstiest of them all. The ladies in my family who are highly educated have a very hard time finding black men of equal status. Phadrea had him when he looked good now he looks like the bum he always was. Recommended Angels These girls come highly recommended for a reason!

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