Bathroom sink stopper hook up, how to hook up a bathroom sink drain

Make sure the flange is tightly seated and in good shape. It was kind of rigged to begin with, so I left everything in it's position. If the pop-up is working properly, you can tighten the nut hand-tight. If the stopper is broken or its seal looks worn, replace it. Installing Pop-Up Drain Stoppers.

How to Install a Pop-Up Drain Stopper in a Bathroom Sink

Fix a Sink Stopper 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Clean up any extra sealant around finished edges. Removing the old drain assembly is often the most difficult part of the entire project. If the pivot stopper does not move smoothly you will need to tighten the retaining nut that holds the pivot stopper bar up in the back of the sink drain tailpipe.

How to Hook Up a Bathroom Sink Drain

Pinch the spring clip to release the flat bar clevis from the pivot rod. Place the linkage rod into its hole and catch the loop at the bottom of the drain plug with the rod. This rod pushes the stopper up or lets it drop down into the drain body.

That is why there is also one on a toilet. When the pivoting rod is in the correct position, hand tighten the large screw. Pulling the knob causes the pivot rod to pull the stopper down. Clean off all hair and debris.

Identify the Correct Bathroom Sink Stopper

Hold it firmly while tightening. In reality parts have either broken or badly deteriorated from rust and will need to be replaced. While holding the drain piece in place, fit the chrome drain ring into the opening from the top of the sink. It worked great, until a few weeks ago.

How to Fix a Bathtub or Sink Pop-up Drain Stopper

You may have to turn the stopper to unhook it from the pivot rod. All I had to do was move the c clip and Presto! Slide the linkage into the nut.

Some Internet businesses have a contact number or e-mail address where you can make inquiries before buying. Then work the arm and stopper back down into the drain hole to make sure the flange is tightly seated though older tubs may have corroded flanges. The pivoting rod consists of two halves. Part of the metal nut is a thin washer mounted in the nut and it can push out.

Step 2 What Goes Wrong

Hello Phil, I have just installed three new sink faucets in our bathrooms. Bathroom sink pop-ups are raised and lowered with a lift knob or lever, usually located on or near the faucet body. The bathroom sink drain connects to the drainpipe beneath the sink. Apply a generous bead of plumber's putty to the underside of the flange on the sink drain fitting. The extending part of the drain that hangs beneath the sink is the tailpiece.

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Identify the Correct Bathroom Sink Stopper KOHLER
How to Fix a Bathtub or Sink Pop-up Stopper
  1. This needs to be screwed tightly before connecting the strap to the horizontal pivot rod.
  2. Geode Painted UpCycled Chairs.
  3. As I was in the middle of replacing the pop-up assembly I discovered that my plumber's putty has a warning label that says it is not to be used with marble or plastic.

Hold the washer in place and screw on the connecting lock nut. The p trap got its name long ago it is called that because clean water stays in the bend that way it stops sewer gases from coming up through the pipe. Clear the stopper and rocker arm of hair and debris. But, I really don't want to let it beat me like that though. Warning Confirm that the tailpiece is the same diameter as the P-trap.

How to Connect the Pivot Stopper in a Sink

You have to extract the stopper to clean it. It is always nice when you can keep the repairman out of your house. Personally, I would find a store with adequate plumbing supplies in stock and match the old stopper. Fit the P-trap and screw both of its nuts in place.

Check for leaks under the sink. You can buy adapters at stores selling sink drains and pipes. Adjust the lift rod on the clevis strap so that when you push the rod down, danmarks største dating sider the sink stopper pops up. There is a nut on the clevis strap to adjust the height of the lift rod.

How to Hook Up a Bathroom Sink Drain
  • The putty will help the upper part of the drain assembly seal against the sink drain opening.
  • You may also need to replace the gasket or washer or both inside the pivot ball-and-rod assembly.
  • Now the problem is baffling to me, and I wonder if you have any ideas.
  • Push the pop-up stopper down into the drain opening inside the sink, making sure the hole in the linkage is facing toward the back of the sink.
  • The body and the flange may be just fine.

Connect your sink's pivot stopper when installing a new sink faucet or when the pivot stopper slips off the pivoting rod, it may be difficult at first to re-connect it to the pivoting rod. Water may leak or refuse to drain around a sink pop-up for a number of reasons. Often you can buy the linkage rod with ball and a stopper without buying the whole pop-up assembly.

The size of those things is standard. For now, it only needs to be hand-tightened enough to hold it in place. However, when I push the rod back down, the stopper will not pop-up. Reinstall the stopper and rocker arm.

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They will also come in a kit that includes the clevis, nuts, washers and spring clips, to hook them up to any sink. After the two rods are connected, check to make sure that the pop-up stopper opens and closes fully inside the drain opening. Lift the pivot stopper out of the sink drain. Keeping drains clear of hair, soap and shampoo residue, and other debris is one of the best ways to help keep pop-up stoppers in good working order. Hook up the tailpiece to the P-trap beneath the sink.

Step 1 Materials and Tools

How to Connect the Pivot Stopper in a Sink

You have it connected properly when you move the clevis rod up and down and the stopper moves correspondingly in the sink. Once the stopper is in position, insert the pivot rod into the opening in the side of the tailpiece from under the sink. Usually, there is a plastic washer on each side of the plastic ball. The spring pulls a rocker arm that raises and lowers the stopper see the illustration above. Most connecting slip nuts tighten by hand, but if there are metal connecting nuts, you will need to use adjustable pliers.

Press the putty beneath the drain flange, keeping the integrity of the rope shape. Then slide the other side of the spring clip onto the rod behind the clevis strap to hold it on the rod. There are instructions on the pop-up assembly package, but I learned some things I wish I had known at the beginning.

See the text boxes for where to put sealant. Line it up with an insertion hole on the sink stopper. Feel to make certain it is still in place. If so, how to make sure I am buying the right one? Just run water for a minute or two wherever there is a drain for water, and you will solve the problem.

Getting everything connected is super annoying, and I'm reluctant to pull out the stopper because I don't want to deal with trying to get it connected again. Hi Phil, is there a way of replacing this mechanism without going under the sink? You should be able to see a vertical rod move in the drain when you move the knob up and down. If the pop-up is not working, reposition the stopper and pivot rod so the pieces connect properly. Hold the body of the pop-up assembly so the fitting for the linkage points toward the rear of the sink, that is, the side toward the wall.

Identify the Correct Bathroom Sink Stopper KOHLER

How to Install a Pop-Up Drain Stopper in a Bathroom Sink

Apply Pipe-Joint Compound. With a catch pan under the P-trap loosen both retainer nuts and place the P-trap in the pan. Usually it is the metal rod that is the arm which rusts off and needs replacing. Tighten the mounting nut with channel-type pliers while continuing to hold the tailpiece in place. Wipe off the drain hole in the sink with a damp rag.

Does the stopper in the sink pull down as far as it can go to seal? Shop for pop-up stoppers now. Turn the retaining nut of the pivot stopper bar one-quarter turn clockwise with a wrench to tighten it.

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