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May mga boyfriends na non-showbiz na ganun din yung ganap. They showed in their respective Instagram posts a photo of what was then a vacant lot with a bird's eye view of blue skies and mountains. You can already see how her look is becoming more and more refined. Possibly, she had a second surgery there, because it is even narrower and more sculpted than before. The Facebook thread in question also showed Ellen telling her fan that she had moved on from her breakup with Baste.

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Maybe that was corrected in her second nose job, or maybe she gets injections there to fill them in. However, there may have been more permanent interventions, too. But the pair made headlines when Ellen reportedly got drunk and left the ball with Paulo Avelino instead of Ejay. Prior to Ellen giving birth to a baby boy, what does matchmaking mean speculation was rife that she and John Lloyd had plans of getting married in secret.

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See how her teeth are now more uniform in size? And yet, in the following months, there were a number of ocassions the two were seen in each other's company. Her top lip appears suddenly fuller.

While they were accompanied by Ellen's non-showbiz friends, the sexy star and John Lloyd were photographed cozying up to each other and holding hands by the beach. She does look quite a bit thinner here, but could that account for her jawline's newly pointy shape? She also looks different due to the new, drastically darker hair colour, and heavier makeup.

Net Worth Post

Videos of John Lloyd's drunken behavior while he was helping Ellen cook food also went viral at the time. However, she may have been suffering from an eating disorder at this time, as she revealed on Instagram. Yael Halaas told Hollywood Life. Her lips look a lot fuller now which could mean she may have gotten injections to plumpen them. Both her and Eiza have Latin heritage, so that's part of it.

Her eyes also look more open, but that may be from the heavy makeup. It's also the brassy blonde hair. Besides the almost-black hair colour, her upper cheeks have become ultra-sculpted.

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Ang tagal, parang feeling mo, mga three days! And now, he wants to quit. She was lovely before, and looks beautiful now, but maybe it's time to stop! Another area of question would be her lips. Maghahanap talaga ako ng proxy boyfriend!

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Ellen Adarna ex-boyfriends and the one who wins her heart
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Some of Ellen Adarna's ex-boyfriends were good-looking, but she still found them lacking in other aspects. Unlike so many celebs who deny, deny, deny, Eiza gets points for being open about her nose job. Despite the interesting choice of red carpet headgear, I think she looks super-adorable here.

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Notice her teeth, because I believe she made enhancements there later on, as well. She also looks much more grown-up here, probably from weight loss, as well as the more sophisticated makeup and hairstyle. Here's what the pros think. She was a free spirit who wouldn't change herself for a guy, going so far as to announce she wanted to have a baby even before getting married. If Eiza has indeed altered that many things about herself, it can be a slippery slope.

In the same month they also stood as godparents at the christening of Beauty Gonzalez's daughter Olivia, Ellen being a close friend of Beauty. This is my favourite of her beauty moments and where I think the cosmetic tinkering should've stopped. How do you feel about Eiza's beauty evolution? Kasi I was only sleeping mga one hour, the rest of the night I was awake.

Even still, with the undone top knot and subtly graphic eyeshadow, she looks more polished and stylish than ever. After all, injections aren't technically surgery. During the nine-month run of the show, Ellen and Ejay did a lot of intense love scenes and their constant togetherness at work eventually brought them closer in real life. She was leaning on Raymund's shoulder and playfully pulling his shirt just as they were laughing at some private joke.

Eiza Gonz lez Before and After - The Skincare Edit
  1. Since then, the public and media alike closely followed how the two became more open about going on vacations together.
  2. It came to a point that she issued an ultimatum just to convince Filo to be her partner for the celebrity doubles edition.
  3. That brings us to Eiza's most dissimilar look yet.
  4. Her natural dark brunette hair was lightened to this reddish brown.

The following year, Eiza added tons of highlights to become a blonde. John Lloyd Cruz confirms having a son with Ellen Adarna for the first time. Did the cosmetic adjustments stop there? Something is definitely lifting Eiza's brows up here, guy and I don't think it's just the tight hairstyle! What was her most devastating breakup?

Which of these looks is your favourite? It was fun, funny dating site first yung mga challenges were fun. Do I believe that's the only thing she had done?

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This photo was taken after Eiza had the rhinoplasty surgery done at least the first time! Because in the first place, I forced Filo join this. Well, people do grow into their looks, and weight loss can change the angles of a face. Likely, that's from fillers, as she never had such noticeable hollows underneath.

Eiza is probably tinkering with fillers as well. As for her face, she seems to have lost a bit of the baby fat. But before Ellen met John Lloyd, what was she like with her ex-boyfriends?

Josh Duhamel & Eiza Gonzalez Split

And the more irritated it becomes, the more you pile on. It looks like there's probably filler in her upper lip again. The next month, both of them hinted at their plans to build their future home in an unidentified residential area. Nose job gone wrong, perhaps?

Edith Gonzalez and her sad demise
  • Well, she has two, but it is a deeper line on the one side.
  • In a interview, she openly admitted to getting a nose job.
  • While Ellen walked the red carpet with Ejay as her escort, she reportedly ditched him and spent the rest of the night with Paulo by her side.
  • In this shot, Eiza is giving me Jessica Alba vibes.
  • Finally, check out her nose.

Get your weekly roundup of all things showbiz! Why did her previous relationships exes fail? Her top lip looks unnaturally full here. She wears this blonde hair colour really well, and the red lipstick enhances her newly perfected smile. So when I'm mad, uniform dating contact I can leave like that!

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