Dating atlas glass jars, how to date atlas jars

Hazel Atlas Glass Company

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Dating atlas jars

What would this time be if you know? As well as that good ole Google search engine! Look for a Ball jar without an underscore.

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How to Date Atlas Jars

If it has an underline, riders it is common. Ultimate guide to date most valuable. They may be able to address questions you may have about old home canning jars but not home canning.

Not only was she some canner, sounds like she was plaint something! Fruit Jars details the types of containers used for canning fruit, lists jars alphabetically with markings found on the jars and denotes embossing, color, shape, closure and base markings. Any information would be greatly appreciated. It is no longer owned by Ardagh.

How to Date Atlas Jars

Atlas Mason Jars

Vintage & Antique Mason Jars Guide - Dating Ball Canning Jars

Atlas Mason Jars

Perhaps someone can shed more light on this question. The Ball company made canning jars under their brand. Were the bottles made in Australia for long? These are no longer produced for canning.

And, some types of bottles are more likely to bear embossed markings on the base, such as beer, whiskey and soda bottles. Usually embossed on the base, marks may also appear on the lower heel area on certain types of bottles, especially sodas. Packed by Western Food Products Co. Can you can dice tomatoes for canning instead of leaving them whole or halving them?

These marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory. It was a very nice gentle man who paid for it and was very excited. If the original closure ispresent, it will add to the value.

Antique Mason jars are sought by collectors, and are bought and sold not only through antique stores, but also on auction sites such as eBay. Can you please elaborate on what type of glassware this mark is on? Thank you for the kind words, Tery! Put it on Ebay, and the best bid you get is what it is worth. The jar you are describing sounds like it might be a salve jar, or perhaps it held one of any number of different kinds of pharmaceutical products.

  • So if you have some old jars, how do you know their true age?
  • Some glass factories switched over to machine production much sooner than others, often depending on their financial situation.
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  • When I looked them up online, I see many of the pieces selling as Hazel Atlas glass.
  • Re the jar with checkboard pattern, is it short and square?

She writes that the mason patent date any ball jar. This artifact jar was thought to belong to Amelia Earhart. And a decent collection of reference books on glass-related topics helps a lot too! Hello Thank you for all the great information!

We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Photo courtesy of Steve Wilkerson. Its in the shape of a soda bottle. This helps to see any bad spots that may be hidden inside the tomato.

The jar has a wire bail to secure to top. Came off the Seattle Georgetown Manufacturing Plant. Hi Deborah, Older bottles and jars often have bubbles in them.

While this might be a factory second, would it have any additional sale value? Backwards embossing is seen rather often, especially on older glass insulators and bottles. From all accounts, they used that trademark on tableware including shot glasses, tumblers, etc.

Dating atlas ez seal jars

The Balls began acquiring smaller companies, and mass producing and distributing jars across the country. Closures There are a variety of closures for canning jars from the tin lids to the modern screw on lids. What a truly cool thing to collect, six in my opinion!

  1. Appreciate any information on it.
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  3. Does anyone know the years these were produced.
  4. Pickled items require a specific mixture, often of salt and vinegar and other ingredients.

Of course, the older ones are in aqua or bluish-green, the more recent lids are in clear glass probably dating after the mid or late s. Dating website questions fruit jars. Speed dating atlas jars in canning jars? It says Atlas and underneath Atlas it says Special Mason.

Cookies make wikiHow better. What is the Value of blue ball perfect mason canning jars? They also make Kerr, Bernardin and Golden Harvest canning jars. The Plainfield plant was later sold to A.

Tips on the clear version jars. There are a few oddly sized Ball mason jars that were produced at very specific times, so the size of the jar can be used to date its production. Wire bail jars started going into production in the s, and the tech was predominantly used with beer and liquor bottles. It has side seams and no defining symbols.

Good Morning, a friend found a Hazel Atlas white ribbed Skippy peanut butter jar. Ultimate guide to date any ball jars and atlas ez seal jar! Fenton in an oval Fenton Art Glass Company. You may even see mold numbers embossed on modern glass jars and bottles in your refrigerator or cupboard! On page one of Glass Manufacturer Marks, There is a picture of the bottom of a green glass bottle with a diamond.

What are Ball Jars Kerr Jars Mason Jars

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Hope this info is mostly informative! If anything, they never detract from its value! Colored jars were considered better for canning use, as they block some light from reaching the food, which helps to retain flavor and nutritional value longer. The cracking was a common problem with shoulder seal jars. Please click here to go to my Home Page.

Hello i have a vintage glass bottle that is completly plain with no writings on it but the bottom of the bottle it has the number and below the number it appears to be a letter S. The front and back faces of the bottle are flat, while the sides are slightly rounded. In the middle of the metal lid, there is a ceramic oval drawing of a man playing a guitar with a woman listening.

If you have questions or feedback, please let me know! What is the strong grip of the lion's paw? It appears, from the other symbols, to be an Owens-Illinois bottle since it has the diamond and a number to the left and right. Thank you so much for posting this! What line divided Pennsylvania and Virginia?

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