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From the numbers that have been queried and responded to by Mr. What is the age and value of a Model serial M? My main interest has become bicycle manufacturers and production during the prewar Balloon era. Can you post a good image of that with plenty of lighting? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What is the manufacture date - Iver Johnson revolver serial

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. On an older revolver, you are not likely to find a model number, since they did not use model numbers. Account Dealers Customer Support. What goes in a three day assault pack? Length of barrel, finish and grip material will help too.

Iver Johnson made many different firearms. Can't be accurately answered without knowing if it is a revolver, semi-auto, caliber, finish, barrel length and all markings. Its a double-action top break revolver similar in layout to the Smith and Wesson hinge frames of the s era. It has Persons Supreme pedals and Torrington bars, does that sound correct as well?

These were very similar to the Iver Johnson revolvers of the same era. Give me a serial number and I can help. Tnx again for info - and cartridge I was unsure. The bar prevented the gun from discharging if dropped and moved into place to fire only when the trigger was depressed all the way. Truth be told, it started as the Johnson and Bye Company, but eventually Johnson bought out Bye and went at it alone.

Note the pre-Glock trigger safety. Pioneer Press, dating site Incorporated. Serial numbers dont go that low on Offical Police revolvers.

Iver Johnson

Value of any gun is based on exact make, model, wanna hook up gif and condition. Fryberg Safety Auto transfer bar patent. It has a removable cylinder with a pin release.

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Is there a patent pending on the bottom of the badge. Stevens Iver Johnson Firearms. Increasingly, company fortunes depended upon sales of its increasingly outmoded revolvers and single-barrel shotguns. Mossberg worked in the bicycle plant and then started his own firearms factory.

Can anyone tell me the year of manufacture? The fact that the McKinley gun was one of these models further adds to their mystique. If you have the serial number, indiana we can give you the year of manufacture. Appreciate any information at all.

The badges on each of my Ivers are fixed with screws - I'm not sure when they may have been riveted. The revolver is currently on display at the Buffalo History Museum in Buffalo. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. No, create an account now.

  • Here are some photos for now.
  • As to value, your description leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Where can you find information about an Iver Johnson revolver with a serial number?
  • Is the gun large frame or small frame, hammerless or a hammer gun?

What information do you need to know about a gun to get the value? The riveted head-badge has me perplexed. What is the manufacture date - Iver Johnson revolver serial?

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The name was resold and in Iver Johnson Arms opened, but does not have any parts or information relating to the pre company, and represents a continuation of it in name only. Can anyone tell me what this thing is? Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

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What is the Value of pistol with serial M? Where can I locate the serial and model number on an Iver Johnson hammerless. Considering the data points available from this time period I would think the accuracy on this break is about plus or minus two years. Is a us revolver handgun serial number a firearm?

Iver Johnson Pricing and Reference
Iver Johnson serial number question

Dating an Iver Johnson top break. While he has answered questions about dating individual bike he has not published an overall list as, in his words, he is constantly fine-tuning his model as more information comes in. The newest Iver Johnson Safety Auto is still more than sixty years old. The serial no on your Iver Johnson revolver is What is its age and value?

Also, the headbadge is riveted onto the head tube. With so many options you could buy a small concealable revolver for discreet carry or hiding in a cash drawer, or a larger piece for home defence. If you want to buy one of these and shoot it, take a moment of pause. No published production data.

Iver Johnson .38 revolvers- dates

Here are some shots of the badge. Need all of the markings, including the markings on top of the barrel. Gun has no caliber marking anywhere.

  1. Disassembly Iver Johnson revolver?
  2. Iver Johnson Safety Automatic in.
  3. As a result of changes in ownership, the company had the first of two major relocations in when it moved to New Jersey.
  4. Welcome to Northwest Firearms.
  5. Not a lot of serial number data out there for these revolvers.
  6. Just pedal over to Alameda and I will appraise it.
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What is the manufacture date - Iver Johnson revolver serial

Even when they were new, I-J's were marketed and had a reputation for being very graceful looking, well built, and engineered for performance. Obviously the closer together those bikes are the more accurate the projection will be. What made the Iver different from the Smiths was in the fact that it had an internal transfer bar safety.

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Ok, got a better look and pulled the grips. Do you have the box, manual or any other papers with it? Can you find out the value if you have model and serial?

What finish and how much is left? In short, they were the Kahr of the s. Bill Smith appears to have studied the firm and the bicycles at length and has built a serial number model chart, dating uncut which he uses to project build dates for the bikes. Uberti in Italy then imported and sold by Iver Johnson.

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Twenty-First Century Books. In good condition what would its aprox. What year was an Iver Johnson revolver. The Second Model was made and these were generally black powder only. What is the Value colt ainsworth?

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