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The site gained so much traction that Chaiwala followed it up with Polygamy. With no legal status or rights. Man created religion and religion caused a division between people. So your saying a man can have all the wifs he wants but they can't have no one but him Not fair. She gets the love and help from both a husband and a Sister Wife.

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Yes there is a tribe in the Amazon where a woman can have as many husbands as wants wants. What happened is, Mormons used the practice in bad ways, which gave the Polygamy Practice a bad name. More importantly though, they all work together, to make their lives benefit.

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  1. If i was in a relationship with a married couple i wouldnt feel that i had any legal rights.
  2. How does this benefit the one who has no legal rights?
  3. What a husband does behind closed doors, is his business, even if he loves his wives all at the same time.
  4. But apparently I'm ineligible to.

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Who needs twice plus, nagging at you? It is a response that many women who have been hurt or who do not feel secure, will agree with and side with. So, people cant label in discrimination, calling it a Mormon Practice. Put me down as-Not a chance. In some countries at different times of history, I do think it was a survivial thing.

Think about it, for a moment. From a woman's perspective, I would say no. Over here in my country it is. He's not obviously cheating on them, and at the same time, uae not creating jealousy. That was the only way to have a strong off-spring.

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When a man wants to have more than one sex partner, he will make up all kinds of excuses for what he wants, even if he has to read into the Bible something that isn't there. If not, then what exactly, does this mean? Indeed woman who should have a couple of hubbies instead of the other way round.

Not a home with her name on it too. We don't need a piece of paper. While I know some may have what they feel are practical reasoning for such practices it is not something I would even consider. Each wife has shared, but equal time with the husband. He's got them all tied up.

If one is going to use temptation as a reason to pursue multiple marriages, what's to a say that even a fourth wife will be the solution? Do it in front of friends and family. Got a death wish or something? In Exodus, it says, and God is too perfect to make mistakes, or counterdict Himself.

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He says he knows this because of letters he has received from users sharing their stories. She argued that polygamy is a good option for independent women. Is there a state or country where a woman can have two husbands? We're not on the extinction list ya know. But that is just called an open marriage.

To let my husband become emotionally and physically attached to another woman pretty much tells me I am letting you have your way because I fear losing you. Thus, Satan is telling that man to send out his minions to murder people in cold blood, and hes a Mormon. And what happens to her when you tire of her and send her on her way? Arizona, macau I guess it seems very commen for woman to have more than one.

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It's exclusively for those who are marriage-minded and seeking long term commitment. Hope to hear back from you. Only those who believe, should enter the practice. As Imams, golf we don't have authority to enforce the rights of the wife.

Would you consider being in a relationship where you are the second wife? But this family is rich and can afford three houses. The only reason this was ever done a long long long time ago was survival of the species, having strong, healthy off-spring.

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In a biblical polygamous relationship, you would be an equal wife and best friends with the other wife. Yet, we both know, Satan is very deceptive, a father of lies, and can pretend to be God. Basically just wanted to say that you had a great profile, and that I agree with you.

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To be honest, I doubt any woman with self-respect and freedom of choice would do this. And why is it whenever you hear about polygamous relationships, there's usually religion, involved. Section of the Criminal Code of Canada explicitly prohibits polygamy, and offenders could face up to five years in prison. Ugh, dating apps like women are difficult enough as it is just being with one.

And I fail to understand, why its unbiblical, for the women to have sex with each other should they wish to. It is the reason so many people are hurt. But people will make all kinds of excuses to prove themselves right. When it comes to the temptation argument, Ally said women could rightfully make the same claim. Nothing in the Bible recognizes this.

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And furthermore, I really don't understand, what any of this has to do with the bible. These days we don't need that survival strategy anymore as there's more than enough people on the planet. To me I find it selfish and disgusting and most of all disrespectful to women. Perfect example, the man who is in prison, and yet he still gives orders to his compound down their to murder people in cold blood, claiming its from God.

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Chaiwala put me in touch with the year-old community worker and SecondWife. It should be forbidden by law. If they are both equal, why marry one and not the other? There are many reasons why men and women accept and desire this kind of relationship.

  • There's plenty of people on the planet as it is.
  • Seems this would be a better offer.
  • If they are equal, neither should be married.

Not Social Security based on your earnings. Assuming, of course, you are not married. Part of me feels like if people want this and all really truly are happy with it, no skin of my nose. People got to get their minds out of the gutters, or they are sinning as well, by thoughts. Of course, these marriages are not legally recognized in Canada, nor in many other countries.

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Now, women wanting multiple husbands, is a sin. People are already with multiple partners through prostitution and affairs and such, and no one even blinks an eye. So if we found multiple carbon structures to find a better molecule in a time where carbons are replacing carbons who are we to judge. Yet if a man can love equally his wives, and not create jealousy, by loving one more than the other, I don't se a problem with this. The women are seeking marriages with a man, according to him, and are willing to act as sisters or colleagues to the other wives.

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